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Saffron rice with marinated spicy chicken

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For the chicken
  • 6 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed
  • 1 piece of ginger, peeled and grated
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 0.5 tsp black pepper
  • 1 tsp crushed dried chillis
  • 0.5 tsp chilli powder
  • 1 tsp tandoori powder
  • 2 tbsp vinegar
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 3 tbsp ketchup
  • 1 tbsp bbq sauce
  • 1 tbsp sweet chilli
  • 1 tbsp hot sauce
  • 1kg cubed boneless chicken
For the rice
  • pinch of saffron
  • 2.25 cupg water
  • 1.5 cup basmati rice
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil (or any nut of your choice)
  • Cooking Time
    15 mins
  • Serving
    Serves 7
  • Skill Level


This is a lovely meal which isn't difficult to make. My dad wanted the chicken to be spicy, so when marinating it I made it more spicy than I would have normally. I actually made up the marinate in a happy go-lucky manner, but the result was delicious mashAllah, so here it goes...
  1. In a bowl, mix together all the ingredients under 'for the chicken', except the chicken, once you have mixed it well, add the chicken pieces, cover, and leave to marinate in the fridge for as long as you like (I marinated it for 40 mins)
  2. Meanwhile, in a mug, add the saffron and fill half the mug with boiling water. Set aside for 30 mins
  3. Whilst the chicken is marinating and the saffron has been left in the water, wash the rice with water, and drain, then re-wash and drain - until the water is no longer cloudy, then set aside
  4. For this dish, I grilled half the chicken, and pan fried the other half. For the grilled chicken, I placed it on skewers, and grilled it for 15 mins. For the pan fried chicken, I placed a dry pan on highest heat, waited till it got super hot, and added the chicken - continuously mixing to avoid it burning. Because it was added with the extra marinate left, the chicken was full of flavour. Remove once the chicken is cooked
  5. Whilst the chicken is cooking, plan the rice in a pot, then fill up the mug of saffron with boiling water to the top, add it over the rice, then add a further 1 + 1/4 mugs of boiling water. Add the salt, stir, and leave the rice to boil on medium heat, once it starts to boil, reduce the heat to low, cover, and allow to cook for 10 mins. After 10 mins, check that the rice is cooked using a fork. If it is cooked, switch off the heat, place a thin towel or kitchen paper over the pot then cover with the lid, leaving to sit for a further 5 mins
  6. Cook the cashew nuts in hot vegetable oil until the colour changes, then drain onto kitchen paper. Plate up the rice, add the chicken over it, followed by the cashew nuts

Served this with salad and yoghurt (in case anyone found it too spicy). Of course, if you usually eat spicy food, you will need to increase the spiciness. Adding finely chopped chilli may do the trick. If you do not eat spicy then decrease accordingly. This is a delicious yet easy dish to make. Enjoy :)


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