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Strawberry cream cake

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  • 6 eggs
  • 1.5 cup caster sugar (divided)
  • 3 tbsp lemon juice
  • 3 tbsp oil
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 1.75 cup plain flour
  • 0.5 tsp salt
  • 300ml double cream
  • 4 tbsp icing sugar
  • strawberry jam (as much or little as u like)
  • fresh strawberries
  • Cooking Time
    35-40 mins
  • Serving
    Serves 7
  • Skill Level


This is one of the softest cakes I have made, goes down a treat, especially with a cup of tea! Not difficult to make at all, try it to see what I mean.
  1. Separate the eggs, keeping the egg whites in one bowl and the yolk in another
  2. Beat the egg yolks until slightly thickened, then slowly add half the quantity of the sugar, continuing to beat until thick
  3. Add the lemon juice, oil and water, and beat
  4. Place the flour and salt, then fold them in manually
  5. Beat the egg whites until soft peaks form, slowly adding the remainder of the sugar (1 tsp at a time), until stiff glossy peaks form
  6. Fold a quarter of the egg whites into the egg yolk mixture, then fold in the remainder of the egg white mixture
  7. Place into a lined cake tin (I used two loaf tins) and place on the bottom shelf of the oven, on 160 degrees Celsius for 35-40 mins
  8. Remove and invert the cake out of the tins, allowing to cool completely before decorating
  9. Beat the double cream until thickened, then add the icing sugar and vanilla extract
  10. Cut the cake into two slices, placing the jam and some cream on the first layer. Sandwich using the second layer, then decorate with the cream and fresh strawberries

This was loved by all, mashAllah so soft and sweet. Enjoy :)


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